Level Up and Prosper: 3 Secrets to Manifesting Your LifeStyle Practice

with Salim Omar, CPA

Howard spent more than 30 years in the trenches of his practice, working long days and late nights to serve his clients and meet his profit goals. Getting the job done came at a high price of time and commitment, and he often found himself hating the work.

He didn’t run his practice as a business. He didn’t have the proper foundation or systems in place, the right team to help him achieve his goals, or the right client attraction strategies to bring him the type of income or practice that he had in mind.

Discovering the secrets to running his practice more effectively was the moment everything changed. By implementing these secrets into his practice, he was able to double his practice value and spend more time doing the work he enjoyed, while making a positive impact to his future and spending the well-deserved time with his family.

During this webinar, I will share with you these three, powerful secrets so that you can also level up, prosper, and manifest the lifestyle practice of your dreams.


  • 1

    How to create effective systems and strategies that open the “cash flow doors” and keep the profits pouring in day and night.

  • 2

    The keys to finding and hiring a championship team who will have your practice running like a powerhouse, even when you’re not there.

  • 3

    The three high-profit leverage points that most practitioners overlook, and how you can tap into them to take your practice to the next level.


  • "I enjoyed the webinar. I saw many ways I could increase clients and revenue.."
  • "OMG. He's amazing. This was the best presentation I've been to."
  • "This is a great webinar highlighting areas where you can grow your firm and increase client engagement and rapport. I am excited to take what was covered and implement this knowledge into new client engagements, and help the client (and myself) identify higher value services that are mutually beneficial."
  • "Great ideas and I can utilize them right away.."


About Salim Omar, CPA


Salim is a best selling author, thought leader and mentor for CPA firms. He is considered by many as THE “CPA Practice Coach” because he owns and runs a CPA practice so he understands what it takes to create and sustain a successful firm.


Salim was once at rock bottom in own practice with $100,000 in debt, low quality clients, an unreliable team and working 60 to 80-hour weeks. He knew there had to be another way. That realization led to a 10-year journey where he invested in himself and got educated by some of the world’s best business minds. He put his research to the test in his own practice and in the process, transformed his own practice and created “The Genius Model”.