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Let me give you an example so you can better understand what I mean by “marketing incest”. David Smith, CPA, starts his own practice and quickly realizes he needs to market and advertise to get new clients.

However, since no one in college ever taught him how to market, he does the "traditional" thing and looks at John Carey, CPA, up the street, who "appears" to have a successful practice. He notices that John Carey, CPA is running an ad in the local newspaper with a list of his services, his credentials, and the number of years of experience he has.

So, David Smith, CPA, goes out and does the same thing. Little does David Smith know that John Carey's advertising and marketing DOESN'T work and never will. So now you have two CPAs doing terrible, horrible, wasteful advertising and marketing.

It's called "Marketing Incest" because, if you look at 99% of CPA marketing, it's all the same. (By the way, a really instructive exercise I suggest you do is to get hold of your local Yellow Pages directory and open the "Accounting" section. The similarity of the various ads you see is SCARY.) The way it is being done just doesn't work.

Earl Nightingale, author of "Lead The Field" and "The Strangest Secret" said, "The secret of being successful in any business is to look around you and observe what everyone else is doing... AND DO THE OPPOSITE ."

There is magic in the quote.... One of the main reasons I began to have such success in my CPA practice when I started studying the best marketing minds outside the accounting industry is that I was bringing fresh concepts to marketing my accounting practice; I was doing things differently.

Since most CPAs out there have no clue how to market, once you understand the secrets to attracting quality clients, you can easily dominate your market and turn your CPA practice into a high paying cash cow!

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