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BrandingTPI’m sure you already know that one of the most powerful ways to grow your CPA practice is to develop a strong personal brand.


First of all, it makes client attraction a whole lot easier, because you’re no longer competing with a ton of other firms in your area. Your brand helps you stand out.

Also, a strong personal brand allows you to charge higher fees, because specialists always command higher fees than generalists.

A lot of practitioners make the mistake of trying to be all things to all people. You think you’re optimizing your chances of winning business. But the truth is, when you try to appeal to everyone, there’s nothing to distinguish you from the competition. You go for all and wind up coming back with the crumbs.

If you want to take your practice to the next level, here’s what really works.

Find an area of specialization that’s broad enough to appeal to a large group of people, but narrow enough for you to be perceived as an expert for that particular group. You might position yourself as an expert in serving a particular type of industry, or an expert in specific types of services.

Carve out an area of expertise and promote your distinction. How, you ask? You might try writing articles for local publications, or launch your own blog. You could present live or recorded webinars, or do live speaking engagements.

These activities act as magnets, attracting the prospects you want to your practice.

Nurture your reputation as an expert. It’s a key factor in growing the lifestyle practice of your dreams.

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