Is Your Practice ‘Out of Control?’

Are you tempted to ‘throw in the towel?’ Or have you resigned yourself to the cold, hard reality that you’ll forever be chained to a practice that requires long hours, stress – and little to show for it?

Introducing . . . " The Total Practice Control" Video Series

Video #2: Secrets for How to Attract Better Clients 

Need more clients? Or BETTER clients? In Video #2, Salim will share his secrets for attracting high-quality clients:

  • Why you want to drill down to find your client’s “$100K Problem” ‒ and what that means for your client acquisition process
  • How to create a “CPA Celebrity” status and why you need to embrace this more than ever... Wonder why the Kardashian women are so popular? Learn what you need to do to ramp up your credibility and exposure so high-quality clients BEG you to work with them...
  • Ideas for what you can do to increase your authority with your clients – the more intentional you get with these activities, the more your “perfect clients” will recognize your value and happily pay you what you’re worth!

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Video #3: COMING SOON!

Video #4: COMING SOON!

Video #1: Introducing the Brand NEW . . . "Total Practice Control System"