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Finish LineIf you’ve been treating tax season like it’s a sprint instead of a marathon, you may be pushing yourself and your team to burn-out. That’s why now, as you head to the finish line, is the most important time to keep your cool.

For starters, make sure you’re sticking to a routine. Before your day begins, set a designated time for lunch and for breaks, too, just like you would for an appointment. Taking breaks might seem like a luxury, but they’re an absolute necessity for resetting your mind and staying primed for agile problem-solving.

Additionally, I suggest that you plan ahead for that inevitable energy dip in the afternoon. Bring a healthy, energizing snack to work with you.

At night, get into bed at the same time, every time. You’ll fall asleep faster and your daytime attitude will thank you for it.

And why not reap the benefits of meditation? Only twelve minutes of meditation can dramatically improve your focus and performance. Try it in the early morning or late afternoon. Anywhere you can safely close your eyes.

Right now you may be talking out loud to your screen, “But Salim, I don’t have that kind of time!” Well, here’s one beneficial thing you can do while you’re working. I’m talking about sitting up straight. It’s too easy to crane our necks and curl our shoulders forward when we sit at the desk, automatically piling on stress. Here’s a trick: when working on your computer, make the screen view larger so you can sit further back. You’ll automatically relax more.

By the way, I also recommend looking into the distance at least every fifteen minutes to avoid eye fatigue.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, ask yourself: Am I delegating to my team, or am I trying to micromanage everything myself? The homestretch is the time to lead steadily. Be clear, appreciative, and delegate. Trust your staff. Most importantly, trust yourself. The job always gets done.

And remember, tax season is a season. Not one afternoon. So don’t forget to foster an environment that promotes a team mentality. It will keep your clients coming back and your employees supporting you throughout the year.

So what’s next in the tax season top ten? Look for our video blog post on April 2nd to find out.

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