Posted on: February 28, 2020 Tax Season



One of the things that really bugs me is the excessive amount of time spent at CPA firms to review tax returns.

This applies to both personal tax returns as well as business returns. I’ve seen that very often the amount of time spent can be easily cut by half or more.

Imagine what that would do to your firms’ bottom line with lesser time (labor) being spent on each tax return?

How it could help the reviewer to gain the extra capacity to handle higher-value work and additional tasks?

How it could free you to get your life back?

Instead of being chained behind your desk for an endless number of hours reviewing tax returns, you go home at a decent time and have the option of working on weekends. Well, now you can with what I am about to share with you.

The solution is “checklists” and I have used them for over ten years in all areas of my practice, including during the busiest time of the year, tax season.

In addition to the benefits I shared above, checklists enable you to not have to remember all the areas and points of the tax return. You allow the checklist to do some of the heavy lifting work by guiding you to check what needs to be reviewed.

This also improves the overall quality of the work that is being produced at your office.

I will share with you two checklists that the preparers in my office use. One is to error check or review personal tax returns, the other to error check business tax returns. I’ve also included a checklist that the reviewer can use to catch their own errors.

I’d like to give credit to Ed Mendlowitz, CPA, a partner at Withum, Smith, and Brown for generously sharing these. I’ve modified it for my firm. Feel free to adapt these for your own use.

You can access the checklists here:

☑ Preparer's Checklist for Personal Tax Returns

☑ Preparer's Checklist for Business Tax Returns

☑ Reviewer's Checklist for Personal and Business Tax Returns




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