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About Salim Omar, CPA

Salim Omar is a CPA and the Founder & President of CPA Marketing Genius. In the last two decades Salim went from a CFO position to growing his own 8+ person CPA practice. During this time, he realized he had a talent for envisioning, growing and scaling accounting and tax practices and wanted to share his secrets to help others do what he did. Specifically, as the owner of a CPA firm, Salim uncovered his marketing expertise and was able to grow his firm quickly through iterative tests that led to time tested methods that resulted in consistent, measurable, and profitable success. His desire and knack for helping CPA firms grow led to the birth of his second company, CPA Marketing Genius.

He is the author of the popular books The Ultimate CPA Practice in the New Economy, Straight Talk About Small Business Success in New Jersey, and his most recent Amazon Bestseller, The Million Dollar CPA Firm. Salim has been featured in a range of prestigious publications including Accounting Today and The CPA Journal.