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In my last blog post, I shared with you a four success strategies I picked up from re-reading an excellent book titled “The Sales Bible” by Jeffrey Gittomer. After I sent made that post, I recieved a ton of emails from CPA practitioners across the country thanking me for the information I shared. If I haven’t yet personally responded to you, I want to say here that I did appreciate your email and I do enjoy hearing from you.

Here are a few more strategies I feel you may want to pay special attention to so you become the “tiger” CPA practice in your market place:

5) Spend more time with figuring out solutions than whining about problems
This is a time to prepare and be your best, and you can’t do that if you’re whining. The good news is, most people will be whining. This leaves plenty of room for you to succeed.
QUESTION TO ASK YOURSELF: What are you whining about? What solutions make you a winner?

6) Study attitude; don’t think you have a good one
Spend 15 minutes a day reading. The best time, in the morning, before you start your day. Read happy, positive thoughts, even if it’s a re-read of a Dr. Seuss book.
QUESTION TO ASK YOURSELF: What are you reading every morning? Or are you just watching TV?

7) Create a REAL (and perceived) difference between you and everyone else
Work on differentiation in new ways. Change EVERYTHING ordinary to memorable. Greetings, literature, proposals, messages and you.
QUESTION TO ASK YOURSELF: What is memorable about you? What is different about you?

8) Invest, don’t spend (in money, in time, in business, in anything you do)
Now is the time to guard your assets. It’s real easy to put your head in the sand and think that everything will return to the way it was. The reality is, dig in, but use your assets to build a fortress of positive thought, new information, strategic alliance, etc.
QUESTION TO ASK YOURSELF: What is your time investment in yourself each day?

So there you go, between this blog and the prior one, you have in your possession eight important success strategies you can work on to create your dream CPA practice.

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  1. John James

    Salim, i loved this blog post. Great advice. Thank you.
    John James, CPA

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