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One of the most crucial skills you’ll need in building your CPA practice is the ability to close a sale.  You’d be wise to sharpen your sales skills and overcome any blocks you have to pinning people down and getting them to make a commitment with their money.

However, it’s also important to find the right balance between being too aggressive and too wishy-washy.  From inside this spectrum, CPAs trip and fall and learn to be better sales people.  Here are five of the most common mistakes CPAs make while perfecting their handle on sales.  Which ones sound familiar to you?:

  1. Failing to Close the Sale. Often we may have pleasant meetings with prospective clients after which we let them walk away and “think about it”.  You need to have a process that focuses your prospect on making a decision and signing up right away.
  2. Being Too Pushy. On one hand, we may rush people into making decisions.  On the other, we may avoid pressing them at all.  You need to have a system that leads a prospect to making a decision at the right time.
  3. Getting Too Involved in the Details. The point of a sales meeting is to get the client signed up – not to start going through their issues.  It’s best to get them signed up and then handed over to the appropriate person in your firm.
  4. Failing to Follow Up with Warm Prospects. Here’s a big mistake: Losing touch with prospects who’ve expressed an interest in your services in the past, but didn’t sign up because the time wasn’t right.  You need to have a way of keeping in touch with these people so that you can follow up when the time is right.
  5. Failing to Follow Up with Past Clients. It’s too easy to assume that past clients left for negative reasons.  There are actually many reasons why someone may have worked with you for a limited time.  You need to go back to them and try and sign them up again.

Avoid these five mistakes, and you can’t help but grow your practice.

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