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Feeling stuck in a rut?

It happens to all of us from time to time. It’s not an entirely bad thing.

Sometimes ruts happen because we’ve learned ways of doing things that work and we stick with them over time. And as long as those ways continue to work, that’s OK – but occasionally even the most effective routine can make us feel antsy. Like we need to brush our minds like we brush our teeth.

We crave something new. A change of scenery. A fresh perspective.

Such “shake-ups” are often where great inspiration comes from – so even if your practice is doing well, the kick you need to reach that next level could be hiding just beyond what you do and see every day.


Here are ten ways to shift the energy around your practice and invite new possibilities in:

Rearrange your office or move to a different room.

Try working facing a different direction than you did before. If you are accustomed to facing south, see what facing north might do for you.

If you have a new window view, spend time noticing what’s outside.


For just one day during an upcoming weekend, completely unplug from your smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC.

See what happens.


Choose an area you’ve been wanting to learn more about and invite a local expert to lunch.


Find an opportunity in your community to donate your time to a worthy cause.

Every so often, I’ll spend an evening at the local Soup Kitchen where I live to serve food or help in the kitchen.


However you get to work, try getting there a different way.

If you drive, you might change your route, or you might even decide to use public transportation for a week instead.


Nearly every town in America has opportunities for business people to network.

It may be through a community organization like the Lions’ Club or the Rotary Club, or by way of a more informal weekly gathering at a coffee shop of the cocktail lounge where entrepreneurs can meet and share business cards.

(With proper social distancing and face masks, of course!)


See what it’s like to be someone else on your team. Trade jobs with an employee for one day.

Make it a job that typically doesn’t overlap with your responsibilities so you can maximize your chances of learning something new and receiving insights. Y

our employee will likely gain an appreciation for what it’s like to be you, too!


If you typically have a lot of items on your desk or sitting around your office, see what it’s like to be a minimalist for a change.

Look for items you never use or notice anymore and get rid of them, or at least put them away. See what it’s like to work in a more streamlined setting.


Make a trip to a part of your state you’ve never been to before.


For one week, get up an hour earlier than usual.

You don’t necessarily have to plan what you’ll do with your extra hour but commit to doing something – anything but sleeping or sitting and mindlessly thumbing through your smartphone.



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