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Welcome to post # 5 of the “Top 10 Tax Season Success Tips” I’ve created to give you the keys to a successful tax season.

Suppose I asked you to name something of value that you get from your clients. Chances are, your first thought would be, “money”. And certainly it’s true that the fees our clients pay us keep us in business and allow us to grow and help more and more people.

But every one of your clients is walking around with a priceless jewel in his or her pocket, and this jewel has a magical ability to transform your practice into a shocking success.

Yes -- each and every one of your clients has one of these gems to offer.

So why aren’t more of us working harder to get our hands on these things?

I’m talking about testimonials.

The truth is, most of us feel more comfortable parting with our money in exchange for a product or service when somebody else has gone first, and been happy.  If you want to see the persuasive power of testimonials at work, just grab your favorite book and look at the back cover and its list of rave reviews.  Or try shopping for anything from a major online retailer and browse the starred ratings and customer comments.  We care what others have to say.

When a happy client openly raves about your practice, you’re convincing someone else to do business with you.  Quite simply, testimonials kick butt.

So how can you coax your clients to giving up these precious gems? First of all, you have to make it as easy as possible for them.  For example, in my practice, just after tax season, we mail a form to our clients asking for feedback.  We also enclosed a self-addressed stamped envelope (or “SASE”) to make it easier to mail back.  You can also use free online survey tools like to solicit testimonials via e-mail. 

So once you have a nice collection of testimonials, what are you supposed to do with them? Integrate them into your marketing materials to give them an extra-persuasive punch. Here are some places you might use them:

-          Your practice website

-          On your business card, front or back

-          In print ads and sales letters

-          Sprinkled throughout issues of your newsletter

-          As part of your LinkedIn profile

-          On your Facebook page

-          In tweets on Twitter

Don’t have a system in place for soliciting testimonials?  (And are you thinking you’re too busy now to start?)  I’m going to make it easy for you to start collecting testimonials this year with minimal prep work.  Here’s a testimonial form you can mail to clients with an SASE.  You’ll need to do a little personalization (adding your firm’s name, for example), but that will take mere minutes.  Then, you’ll be able to use the form immediately.

Next up in The Tax Season Top Ten is a short video on the importance of showing your staff some appreciation this tax season. Also, if you haven’t registered for my 5th Annual CPA Practice and Financial Freedom SuperConference that is taking place this June 20-22nd in Chicago, go here: Seats are filling up fast, and you don’t want to miss this event!

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2 Responses to “(Salim’s Top 10)- #5: The Priceless Jewel Only A Client Can Give You”

  1. Michael Lowrance

    Salim, I looked for a link to the form you mentioned in the testimonial Top Ten. I wonder if my internet browser is keeping some things from showing up. Please advise me how I can get a copy of the form to personalize.

    Thank you.

  2. Steve c

    When I click on the link there is an error. Any way someone can email the form to me. Additionally, could you tell me if seats are still available for the Superconference?

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