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If you were walking down the street and you saw a pile of cash with your name on it, would you amble past, saying, “Nah, that can’t be real money…”?

You’d at least stop and check it out, wouldn’t you? 

Practitioners who don’t exploit the awesome growth potential in referrals are leaving money unclaimed.

Often, their beliefs about referral programs read like doubts that the potential – and the money – are real.

Those doubts morph into excuses for why they’re not implementing a referral program. 

But the money in referrals is real.

In fact, I know of some CPA practices that get almost all of their business through referrals! Referrals are cost-effective, and referred clients are usually sold on you before they even meet with you. And they tend to be the best, most loyal clients. 

Stop and dip your hands into the mountain of cash that’s waiting for you!


How many of these erroneous beliefs are blocking you?



No, it’s not. The fact is, most people really love the chance to be helpful. It makes them feel good.

So when you ask them to make a match between your practice and a friend who may need you, you’re giving them double the opportunity to feel like a hero.

They’re helping you win new business, and they’re helping their friend have an awesome experience.


Asking itself isn’t an imposition.

It’s only uncomfortable if your approach is pushy or phony.

Respect your clients’ time – don’t nag them. But do ask and make it as convenient as possible for them to respond.


 I’m dumbfounded every time I hear this one. It’s just not true.

The world is filled with people whose lives and businesses could be vastly improved with your guidance.

And there’s no end to the number of people who are being underserved by their current accountant.

Besides, we are all more connected than you may think. This is pure crap. Stop believing it. 


Maybe, if you’re being rude and hounding. But with a tactful approach, you’ll do absolutely no harm.

Plus, having a regular system for asking for referrals softens things considerably.

For example, if you make it a routine to include a referral coupon with every piece of correspondence, and put an incentive offer for referrals at the bottom of every client email, the client will become accustomed to seeing information about your program and won’t view it as pestering – they’ll see it as a normal part of your business. 


Nope. Not true.

Even a client who’s absolutely bowled over by your practice may need a nudge to make a referral.

We’re all busy people.

We’ve got a million little things competing for our attention, and it’s easy to forget. But by asking for a referral, we remind our client to take action.

And sometimes a client doesn’t take action because it’s not immediately obvious what to do.

Again, make it easy for them to make referrals. 

Give them the reminder and an easy way to respond. 


Referrals are big business. Without a systematic way of encouraging your clients to refer business to you, you’re walking past a pile of money with your name on it.

So what’s stopping you? What are you believing that simply isn’t true? 






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