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Congratulations! You’ve brought your practice to where it’s now. You want to grow your baby, evolve it and take it to the next level. 

Many CPA firms that embark on scaling work harder but not necessarily smarter. They think scaling means throwing out more money and more effort to reach more people. But those efforts can easily become scattered and unfocused. 

Smart scaling starts with reviewing and clarifying your foundation. Having a strong foundation is crucial. 


Revisiting Your "Why"

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First, take a moment to revisit why you do what you do. What inspires you about your mission that’s specific to who you are? 

If you’ve lost track of that along the way, ask yourself what originally prompted you to open your own practice. 

Remember times when you’ve felt accomplished. Coming from your heart in this way leads to ideas, creativity, and motivation.  It will also keep you grounded as you grow and make choices.



Evaluating Your Clients


Next, evaluate your clients and review why they come to you. It may surprise you. 

For example, maybe you think your client base is young, but upon review, it actually consists of an older crowd. 

This kind of information will help you gear where to expand your services, or get you doing the right things to attract the crowd you want. 

What were your clients looking for when they came to you? Why do they return?

If you don’t have it in your notes, go right to the source and ask them. You can send out a friendly email or, in person, let them know you’re looking to grow your practice and would like their feedback. 

Also ask yourself, who are your ideal clients? Wouldn’t it be exciting to grow your practice not only in profits, but with like-minded clients who appreciate and take your advice?



Recognizing Your Product – and its Message

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When you work in a professional services business like we do, it can be easy to forget that we’re selling something.

It’s much easier to see when you look at a product. Watch any television commercial and you’ll know the message of a brand whether it’s a restaurant or a can of soup. 

Look at your services as products in the same way.

For example, does the feel of your firm represent your message? That goes from how the phone is answered to how you answer client inquiries. Be sure that you’re expressing one message. 

Is the message that you’ve translated to your staff being carried out in the office culture?

For example, if you were selling cleaning services but your office was sloppy and your internal communications a mess, you’d want to reconnect with your mission and clean it up from top to bottom!

A streamlined message internally and externally translates to your prospects and clients as efficient, confident, and connected.



Solving Problems Differently

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Differentiating your practice can be tough when we’re talking about CPAs since we do similar work. But whether we’re talking about investors or consumers, people spend money to solve problems.

How does your practice solve problems in a different way than anyone else?

How is your clients’ experience with your firm compared to another firm?

You and your team are part of what makes your practice unique. Ask your team for their input. 

Often when CPAs try to expand their practices, they scramble to please all of the people all of the time.

In the process, they water down their message. Instead, maintain trust, connection, and reliability with your clients.

Make sure they see tangible results, and then when you scale, they will too. 



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