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I’m a huge fan of the “Self-Help” section of any bookstore. I’m not too proud to admit it.

After all, how can I be ashamed of something to which I owe so much of my success?

I first discovered self-help (a/k/a “motivational”) books when I was in the start-up stage of my CPA practice.

On those quiet shelves, I stumbled upon my greatest mentors – people like Napoleon Hill, Stephen Covey and Anthony Robbins.

Years ago, when my practice was crashing and burning, I was in desperate need of guidance, encouragement, and inspiration. I

found much of what I needed in books, and I started reading voraciously. That passion for constant enlightenment and growth has continued to this day.

But of all the priceless things I learned from business and self-help books, there is one truth – one – that has proven itself to be the most valuable.

The truth is this: the most significant determining factor of success is having the right mindset.

All the tips, advice, and anecdotes in the world will go in one ear and out the other if you don’t work to maintain a mindset for success.

When you change your mindset, you automatically change your perspective.

You begin to see things differently, interpret them differently.

Your mindset affects the decisions you make, the actions you take, and the results you get.

In fact, I’ll bet you’ve met a CPA (or two, or three) who was something less than a genius. (You might even have asked yourself, How did this guy’s practice wind up doing so well?)

But seemingly average people make smashing, above-average successes of their CPA practices every day.

So what do they have that’s so special?

They have the right mindset – in my training, I call it the Genius CPA mindset.

I talk to a lot of CPAs, both in private consultation and through my seminars and other educational events for CPAs.

Their worries are universal – they want to attract more clients, but they just don’t know how to.

Attracting new clients is important, of course. But there’s a problem with putting too much focus on them.

Without the right mindset, that influx of new clients could be the worst thing that ever happened to your practice.

I talked about having a Genius CPA mindset. Sounds grandiose, doesn’t it?

But let me assure you – it’s not something that requires having a Mensa-worthy IQ.

Trust me – if it did, I’d have been disqualified from the start!

Instead, having a Genius CPA mindset is about the way in which you approach your work and your practice.

Any CPA can follow the same set of principles and transform their mindset to that of a Genius CPA.

What are the principles to follow? There are seven of them:

• Be open to change.
• Establish a clear “strategic objective”
• Work “on” your practice instead of “in” it
• Differentiate yourself from the competition
• Streamline your practice by creating effective systems
• Make the best use of your time by setting priorities
• Create an extraordinary, world-class practice

Want to learn more about how to apply these seven principles to your practice every day?

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